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Alex Fairlie

Public Speaking and presentation coach

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My Approach

My coaching services tailor a customized approach to your real-world situations to help you develop confidence as a presenter. Unlike other programs that focus solely on technical skills, I believe addressing the sense of uncertainty and developing your authentic style are crucial.

Together, we will identify the root cause of any issues and create compelling messages specific to your scenarios, better preparing you for future situations. My methodology involves clarifying your mindset, crafting your content, and delivering your message in line with your intentions, empowering you to confidently communicate your ideas to any audience

About Me

Hi I'm Alex Fairlie, and I've always been deeply interested in studying human behavior. I find it fascinating to uncover the inner workings of a person and understand what truly drives them. It's a passion that has driven me to pursue a variety of paths in life, from acting and directing to sales, management, and training.

I wasn't a natural born communicator but I have always been driven to understand situations and find solutions. I wanted to find a way to help people by combining my passions for performing and human behavior, which ultimately led me to become a presentation coach.

I have over 20 years of experience as an actor and more than 10 years successfully running training sessions and sales presentations. In addition, I am also a certified nonverbal communication trainer. With my expertise, I'm uniquely equipped to help clients refine the content of their presentations and to master their body language, vocal techniques, and other nonverbal cues to enhance their message.

My Services

Speech Writing

Elevate your message with our expert speech writing services, tailored to captivate your audience and leave a lasting impact


Unlock your potential with one-on-one coaching, designed to refine your delivery and boost your confidence on stage


Discover our bespoke presentation workshops, crafted to align with your team’s objectives and drive success through effective communication.


Having worked with other professional coaches, I can confidently say that Alex's approach to personal and professional development has been incredibly valuable and will be something I take with me as a long-term learning experience. Beyond that, his approach in empowering you to identify your own strengths and explore areas where you can improve, is accompanied by in the moment practical exercises.

Karla Bonilla

Senior Manager, Canadian and Global Partnerships

and Projects | Habitat for Humanity Canada

Alex has been a great public speaking coach that provided me with relevant tools to improve my presentation skills. While I regularly lead meetings with multiple stakeholders and I can successfully conduct the sessions, there were still areas that I was looking to improve. Alex enabled me to refine those gaps by achieving higher quality in my content delivery

Claudio Lener

Product manager |


"I worked with Alex to improve on my meeting presentation skills to become a more confident manager and speaker. Alex is so experienced, engaging and thoughtful. He's helped increase my awareness of how I communicate and where I can progress and improve. Alex tailored our sessions to my specific needs and was very open and adaptable. I would highly recommend his course

Andrea Louise NG

Digital Fundraising manager |

Save the Children

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